About Aither

Aither Chemicals is building next generation chemical plants based upon a proven, proprietary, patent-pending chemical process that converts a natural gas feedstock (ethane) into higher value chemical products (petrochemicals) in a cost effective manner. Aither’s manufacturing process is the lowest cost production method to make petrochemicals. Using Aither’s proprietary process, our facilities will have the following advantages over traditional ethane cracking technologies:

  • Lower capital cost
  • Lower operating cost
  • Shorter time to commercial operations
  • Lower energy input
  • Lower CO2 output
  • Smaller plant footprint
  • Simpler process to product higher-value products

The technical team includes scientists and engineers that developed the Aither process technology. Aither will build, own, and operate chemical production plants and, as applicable, work with joint ventures and other partners to supply technology and know-how. The first commercial Aither plant will be in the Northeastern U.S. Future plants will be built around the world where feedstock supplies and access to markets exist.